"We're very sorry for your loss."
Yamazaki: I-i-n he goes.

There's a section at the Public Health office called the 'dead wood.' (J note: lit, the window-side tribe. In most companies, the guys who won't go any higher in the firm and who spend their time in the desks by the windows, away from the action, waiting for retirement.)
Things have gotten really bad lately, with dead bodies being stolen so their organs can be sold. After the death's been certified, ordinary dead bodies have to be 'collected' and brought as quickly as possible to the government buildings in each area.
That's the dead wood's job. They're just civil servants charged with protecting the peace of the dead-- even at risk of their own lives.

Yamazaki: Hey- I'm starting off.
F/X vroom
Jinnai: No point telling me that when you're already moving.
They're called- the undertakers.
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