Broba-1 Ao-ondon- not much is known about this youkai. In old days when people had 'a hundred ghost stories parties' they had a blue-papered lantern with a hundred wicks burning in it and at the end of each story one wick was put out. When the last wick was put out the Ao-ondon appeared. One Edo artist drew something that looked like picture 3 in back of the lantern, but the editor of this page surmises that Ao-ondon isn't a specific youkai who appears at the end of the story telling, just that whatever ghost then appears is commonly called Ao-ondon.


MH-2. The bell of Doujouji. Famous noh play about a woman whose lust fore a monk turned her into a blue serpent that pursued the young man. He took refuge inside the great bell of his temple, and the snake wound about the bell and heated it so much that the monk burned to death.


Mh 3 Hannya The soul of a jealous woman becomes a demon


Broba 4 Enenra (also appears in Tokyo Requiem). Appears in kitchens like trailing smoke. A very rare smoke demon. The ra of the name refers to a very thin silk, so the name comes from smoke that hangs on the air like thin cloth. This demon doesn't do anything in particular and the editor surmises that the idea came from the sight of smoke carried on the wind


MH 5. Hi no enma (flying green demon)- the Enma of fire and judge of the burning hell


MH 6. Honeonna (bone woman) Carries a lantern made of women's bones and assumes a form in which it can copulate with men


MH 7. Futakuchi onna (two mouth woman) A stepmother cared only for her own children and refused to give ffod to her stepchild so that the child died. 49 days after the death the husband was chopping wood when his hand slipped and he struck the back of the woman's head instead. The wound failed to heal and whenever she ate gave her great pain. At last the wound began to cry out 'Out of my own misunderstanding I killed my stepchild- I was wrong! I was wrong!'

Broba 8 Kurotsuka (black hill) Standard onibaba creature, who kills pregnant women to gat their unborn children


Broba 9. Onihitokuchi- (demon one mouth) A man loved a woman and stole her away from her home and took her to a destered house. She went inside while he kept watch outside. But the demon who lived in the house ate her up in a gulp. From this story comes the demon of the same name.


10 Shuten Douji /Warashi- listed in Kohchang as Sake Warashi, no details. Popular legend and subject of many scrolls. "The story tells how a famous warrior Minamoto no Raikou (also known as Yorimitsu, 948-1021) kills the giant ogre Shuten douji. The ogre, nearly 20 feet tall with flaming red hair, presided over a cannibalistic band of demons on Mt. Ooe in Tango northwest of Kyoto, from where they ravaged the countryside and abducted women from the capital."


Taking this into consideration, "Shuten-douji" may have come from abroad. In the early Showa period, Juichi Ogawa found the descriptions of "Shuten-douji" in Legends of Mt. Ooe to closely match Westerners. In truth, they are larger than the Japanese and eat meat. Furthermore, drinking red wine may have seemed like drinking human blood to the ancient people of Japan. In other words, "Shuten-douji" may have been a Westerner who drifted ashore onto Tango. Soon after the end of the Second World War, Ganzo Murakami presented his theory that "Shuten-douji" was a Westerner by the name of Stein Docci. He was prince from Flanders who was shipwrecked as he traveled from Sung to Japan and was washed up onto Tango.



MH 11. Ubume- the soul of women who died in childbirth transform into this demon


MH 12 Yukionna A slender woman of barely twenty with white skin who stands at the edge of a bamboo grove


MH 13 Mouryou Looks like a 3 year old child, dark or purplish red, with long ears. Eats the livers of corpses


MH 14 Jatai (snake belt) Sleeping on one's belt and dreaming of a snake. Equally, when a jealous woman's belt winds about her seven times and becomes a snake