Not exactly a translation, not exactly a retelling. Or both a translation and a retelling. Define it as you like. I call these things hommages. This is an hommage to Kuga Reine's manga story Endless Rain, published in Secret Area's doujinshi Dolce Vita. The characters are Minekura sensei's; the story is Kuga sensei's; I just did the English.


For Thea who asked for it and Tracy T-G because.


The rain goes on falling, as if to hide us from the world. Whenever we do this together, all other noises disappear, to prove that only the two of us exist.


Endless Rain


His eyes look at me.

His eyes say, Someone save me.

'Hey,' I say, 'what's that look supposed to mean?'

When he looks like that I have to touch his face. Bring him closer. Kiss him...

'Ne, Hakkai...?'


He holds me like he's saying Don't ever let me go. Me. Let him go.

I don't deserve a look like that.


I kiss him. Feel his tongue on mine. Feel my tongue in his mouth and his breath catching in his throat.

I push him down onto the mattress where I can kiss him better. Kiss the side of his neck, kiss his ear where the silver cuffs are, lick at his small nipples hard under my tongue.

His eyes are going lost. His breath is going ragged.


Until I met you I was all by myself.

After I met you I realized that what I was, was 'alone'.

And then I wanted you all for myself.

I wanted you to be mine-- alone.


I have him on his stomach. I have my fingers inside him. He groans and arches up against me as I lie on top of him. He squeezes his eyes shut, and little lines of wetness creep from under his eyelids.


"Why did you save me? Why are you so nice to me? You know I can never love anyone else now. So why...?"


Nice? Me? I'm not nice. I put my mouth down between his legs, I wiggle it into the hole down there, and he makes an inhuman sound, Hiiii..., clutching desperately at the pillow. Tears on his face, mouth wide open. In agony. I'm torturing him with pleasure. I'm ready to send him right over the edge and let him die of it. But I want to watch him doing it.


Onto his back. His face is red and wet. His cock is hard and red. I lean over him. His legs come up and hold my sides.


'I'm coming in,' I say to his eyes, and his eyes go on looking into mine. I start pushing in. In to the tightness, little by little, watching his eyes feeling me in him. Hearing the little gasps from his mouth, but watching his eyes, always, in and more in where it feels so good, with his hands grabbing my shoulders and sinking into my flesh and his eyes-


'You alright?'

'Gojou' he says, and his eyes open again, lost, dazed, far away from the hurt and pain and the Let me die of before

and that means Yes

so I can let myself go too, move hard and fast into him and out, feel only that and not his arms letting go of me or his head thrashing side to side or the hotness on my belly when he comes, only that happening hot and tight around my cock until darkness comes to take me too.


He's asleep. I wipe the sweat off his forehead, smooth the dark damp hair off his face. Light myself a cigarette.


'I like you', 'I love you'-- I can't say that to him. It's not me. But 'Why don't we move in together'- maybe that would do? Maybe I'll say it when he wakes up. Not that that's me either. But the rain's still falling, and so...



March 2001