The Magritte Fic Challenge-- Ceci n'est pas un fic challenge

So some time ago Incandescens and I were talking about where Hakkai got his limiters, and she said "I'm restraining the urge to double dog dare you to write a story involving Hakkai running into (Chara A, Chara B, Chara C, Chara D) on way out of castle and obtaining limiters after sex scene of varying nature..." (finding out who's involved is part of the fun, so I won't spoil)

So I did. And as I was talking about this on the ML, someone said hey, you could have an explanation for every day of the week. So I added two more stories, and on the seventh day I rested.

The interesting thing was that as I wrote, I found the answer to other Saiyuuki plot points getting solved too. Like, who destroyed Hyakugan Maoh's castle, and how did the Three Talking Heads know the name of this mass-murderer, and why did Yaone say to Hakkai, first time she saw him, 'You're the one I really wanted to be unconscious,' and even that vexed question of geography, the one that goes, 'If Gonou left the youkai castle with a deep cut in his stomach and made it down to Gojou's while he was still alive, then Gojou's can be only a few hours at most from Hyakugan Maoh's castle, up in the mountains. But Gojou seems to live close to Chouan, close enough for him to buy four apples and go off to see Sanzou and Gokuu with the newly found Hakkai. And if they were that close to the castle before Sanzou came along, why wouldn't they have heard about it being destroyed? So where does everyone live anyway?' Well, it was entertaining at least.

Obviously there's sex in some of these stories, even if it's occasionally only 'of varying nature.' Don't read if that bothers you. And if it doesn't...