(This fic began as a result from the online drabble generator. The image it gave me needed to be worked into a ficlet, so I did.)


 Here we have Gojou and here we have Hakkai. Gojou is lying on his stomach and his jeans are down around his knees. Or rather, Gojou's pelvis is resting solidly on Hakkai's lap and the upper and lower bits of him are sprawling on the mattress. His stomach isn't actually touching anything. 'Lying on his stomach' is just one of the inaccuracies of stock physical description, alas. But no matter. What matters is that Hakkai has uninterrupted access to Gojou's smooth upturned buttocks, and that Gojou's smooth upturned buttocks are covered in a sticky red coating of sliced strawberries in sugar and blobs of whipped cream. Hakkai is eating these delicately with a silver dessert fork. Prick prick the sharp tines dig at Gojou's skin. Gojou's face is as red as the strawberries and the strawberries are as red as his hair and he's trying not to wriggle as Hakkai eats his dessert. Hakkai has a little smile on his face. It's Hakkai's other smile. You know what I mean. He's enjoying his strawberries, which are very ripe and juicy and sweet now, and enjoying Gojou's discomfiture, and enjoying Gojou's other reaction which we can't see but which Hakkai can feel. So there they are.


Now, you will doubtless ask how Gojou came to be like this, half-naked across Hakkai's lap with his butt covered in strawberries and syrup, not to mention the whipped cream? I don't know. I can't think. It certainly seems unlikely, doesn't it? Nor can I imagine what will happen when Hakkai is finished. I suppose Gojou will get up and shuffle off to the bathroom in a bad mood to have a shower- cold, presumably. Unless Hakkai decides to lick his plate clean, which might lead to something else. Really, it's impossible to say.


But what I do know is that this is, unarguably, Hakkai- look, that quiet smile, the little glint in the eyes, the catlike satisfaction- and that is, unarguably, Gojou- see, the clenched hands, the lip he's chewing on, the mortification in his expression that doesn't go /all/ the way down because he's also registering the umm you-know that is much more basic to Gojou. So it has to be them. What happened before this, what will happen after- that's for you to decide, gentle readers. I only tell you what I see myself.