February 2002 Gfantasy Gaiden ep


In the January ep Gokuu overheard Konzen and Tenpou saying Nataku might try to kill him. In distress he ran into the audience chamber where Nataku was and demanded to know if it's true. Litouten said 'Kill him' to Nataku. This month starts with Gokuu punching Litouten out for saying such a thing, only to be stopped by scary! Nataku. 'Whatever he says, whatever he does, my father is my reason for existing, and if anyone hurts him, whoever it may be, I'll kill him'-- and attacks Gokuu with his sword, only to have Kenren leap forward to defend him. Li yells at Nataku to kill Kenren as well. Nataku does his best, ignoring Gokuu's pleas for him to stop. Tenpou grabs someone's sword, makes a dash at Li, and gets sent flying by Li's sword. Nataku recites a spell that causes half the floor to collapse, to the terror of the courtiers.


Meanwhile Konzen is making his way towards the room when a bunch of soldiers run past, on their way to tell Goujun what happened. From them Konzen learns that Nataku has received the order to kill Gokuu and Kenren.


Nataku's spells are still making the chamber fall apart. The courtiers call to Litouten to make Nataku stop. "You're in the presence of the Emperor, you can't do this-' Li just gives them a nasty look. "So what?"


The wounded Kenren is telling Gokuu to get out, but he won't. Nataku comes at him, sword out. Its tip is stopped by the chain Gokuu wears around his neck. 'Nataku,' Gokuu says, 'about my name- I'm Gokuu.' He smiles. "Yoroshiku na.' Nataku stops, remembers what he'd said about some day taking Gokuu round heaven and showing him all the good hiding places. He turns his sword around and cuts through his own right shoulder. 'Some day' we read, end of episode.


End of series? I doubt it. Konzen's still alive and Gokuu still free. Kenren and Tenpou may be hurt and saying, 'We can't go back now' ('Never intended to' Tenpou responds) but they're still around too. Let's hope for some more, soon.