Ep 55 Falling Rising


(page) We begin in a marketplace. Kid with mark over his right eye tugs at the robe of a passing monk.

Boy: Kami-sama, buy me, please?

Monk: (laughing) Oh now now. Monks don't buy people's bodies.

Don't sulk. I'll recite a sutra for you

(That was the beginning)

Monk: ...ne, little boy-


(page) Monk: Do you believe God exists?

(And that question was so...)


(page) Crashing sounds

Gojou(?): What's that?

Sanzou(?): An earthquake?

Kamisama: No

Everything's breaking down and will be destroyed.

You see, the game's over.


(page) Sanzou (?): The game?

Kamisama: An agreement I had with my master. The game that would go on until I lost

It's the game he plays

Gojou: What's that supposed to mean? That's weird!

Kamisama: If you don't get away soon you'll be buried along with the castle.


(page) Gojou: (grabbing Kamisama's arm and hauling him up) Think you're having it all your own way?!

Kamisama (stunned): Why are you--

Gojou: Whadda ya mean, why?? If you stay here you'll be just as dead as Kinkaku and Ginkakau

You've caused us enough trouble acting the big shot. Now we're going. Move!


(page) Kamisama pushes Gojou away and collapses

Gojou: Listen you-

Kamisama: Gomen. I don't mind.

I'll wait here

Gojou: What-?

Hakkai: Gojou! The ceiling!


(page) Large stone crashes down, just missing Gojou

Gokuu: Look out--

Sanzou: We're leaving. There's no time left

Kamisama: (to Gojou) You're so kind

Gojou (snorting, last through the door): I told you


(page) Rumbles throughout Kamisama's palace

Hakkai: Mind your heads!

Gojou: Hey! You're sure it's OK to leave by this route?

Sanzou: This is the only way out

Hakkai: He said this was the ground floor. So we shouldn't have to go up or down any stairs


(page) Hakkai stumbles

Gojou: (holding him up) Hakkai! You OK?

Hakkai: Yes- sorry...

Gokuu: Sanzou!!

The door's locked! I can't get it open!

Sanzou: Move!

Shoots padlock with his gun


(page) Gokuu: WOW!!

Sanzou: Get the hell out! RUN!

Rumble of stones falling as Kamisama lies wounded on the floor.

Footstep by his head


(page) Kamisama: Master

Ukoku: Hi there.


(page) Kamisama: ...I'm sorry, master. I lost

Ukoku: (small laugh) It's a pity, isn't it.

Kamisama: Am I going to die?

Ukoku: Un-hn. In about thirty minutes I'd say. The castle will probably collapse quickly

Kamisama: ...I wanted to be like you

Ukoku: But of course you couldn't


(page) Kamisama: I always knew. That everything you gave me was what you didn't need any more. That I was only another of your toys. But still--

But still- I...

Ukoku: Hm? Sorry

There's so much noise I can't hear what you're saying


(page) Rocks falling around the Sanzou party

Gokuu: Akh-- Shit!!

Gojou: Chi-- the door's just over there

Huge boulders fall between them and it

Hakkai: (eyeglass broken and bleeding from a head wound)!!


(page) Sanzou shoots apart the boulder that was descending on Gojou and Hakkai

Sanzou: RUN!!!

Gojou: Ohh- Sanzou-sama, you're so niiice

Sanzou: Once we're out of here I'll kill you


Kamisama: Master

Ukoku: Mh?


(page) Kamisama: I... don't want to die

Ukoku: Mhh.

Kamisama: I don't *want* to

Ukoku: I suppose not

Kamisama: Ne... tell me, Master

Does God exist?


(page) Ukoku: I rather doubt it


(page) (shards of falling stained glass fall on Kamisama's dying face) Good


(page) Jiip breaks through a glass window

Roof begins to break apart

The Sanzou party run out into the walkway before the palace


(page) Hakkai: GET DOWN!!!


(page)The castle collapses, sending stone shards everywhere


(page) Stones and dust swirl around the Sanzou-tachi

Hakkai: --ah! Jiip (as Jiip flies to his hand)

Sanzou: ...has it stopped?


(page) Scene of devastation as the dust settles (and one wonders did Minekura draw this before or after Sept 11?)

The Sanzou-tachi bruised and bloody observe the wreckage...


(page) ...and collapse on their backs

Hakkai: ahhh....

It's over. For now.

Gojou: ...yeah...


(page) Gojou: ..you alive?

Hakkai: Mhh, yes. Sort of

Gojou: OWWW!  Ohh, soon as you relax it really starts hurting

Gokuu: Hey- hey! Hakkai, did Sanzou really shoot you back there?

Sanzou: No I didn't. I was aiming towards his sides

Hakkai: (laughs) But in fact two shots did graze me

Gokuu: But- you know-

That guy- who *was* he?


(page) Sanzou: Who knows? And I don't care

Hakkai: Does it really matter?

Hakkai(?): 'Kamisama'- well---

Gojou (?): ...yeah

Sanzou: Never mind

Hakkai: Agreed.

Gokuu: Ohhhh--- I'm really--


(page) Hakkai, Gojou, Sanzou: HUNGRY!!!

Gokuu: Hung....

Hakkai: Well then

Gokuu: HEY--

Hakkai: Shall we go?

Gokuu: Hey- wait!!

Sanzou: Hmph

Gokuu: I said **wait**!!

Gojou: Lets go, lets go!

Gokuu: **You stole my lines!!**


(double page) Sanzou-tachi descend the staircase from the temple


(page) In the ruins

a hand picks up Kamisama's diadem

Nii: (putting it on his head) Ah well

That was a very interesting thing you left behind you (Note: could also mean 'bequeath')


So now, next--


(page) Nii: What shall I play at?

Sanzou: What's the matter?


(page) Sanzou: (behind the wheel) Get in

Gojou: Oh wow- what's up, Sanzou-sama? To what do we owe /this/ stroke of luck?

Sanzou: Shuddup. You guys can't even die properly. Think I'm letting *you* drive me anywhere?

Hakkai: Well then, I'll take up your offer

Sanzou: If we don't get moving soon it'll be night

Hakkai: Do you need the map?

Sanzou: Nope. There's only one direction we're going in


(page) Gokuu: But I'm dyyyying I'm so hungry, it's horrible

Hakkai: So let's have a bet

Gojou: And the guy who dies before the next town loses?

Sanzou: So what's the penalty for losing?

Hakkai: Take off all his clothes and roll him down the main street

Gojou: With clamps attached to his nipples (Translator's note: Maybe? My vocabulary doesn't extend to 'nippuresu')

Gokuu: AGHHH!! I'm not dying!!! (barf barf)

Sanzou: ...hey, is this the accelerator?


Roar of Jiip accelerating


(page) Gokuu (?): H-hey, WAAAIITTT!! AK!!!

Hakkai: S-Sanzou!!?? Do you have a driver's licence--??

Sanzou: What do you think?

Gojou: You're dead!!