In which Gojou learns of Right Thinking


The door opened behind him, unprefaced by a knock. Clear from that alone who it was.

"Yo--oo, Boe-zew, you in?"

Sanzou's hands clenched involuntarily, crumpling the newspaper he was holding.

"You again?" he said through his teeth.

Gojou's head appeared suddenly over his shoulder, startlingly near. The red eyes grinned at him

"Hi there, Goldilocks. Where's Hungry?"

"Gokuu's running an errand for me," Sanzou said, shoving Gojou's face away with an open hand. "Go look for him in the town. And don't come back when you've found him."

"Ooohhh, my mistake. Not Goldilocks-- Grumpy."

"Get out," Sanzou said. "I don't have time for this."

"ArAHHH, what am I DOING? Such a rudeness, oh do forgive me." Gojou put affected hands to his cheeks. "Interrupting the great Master Sanzou at his meditations-- on the racing results. Gomen gomen. Who won the second?"

"What do you want?" Sanzou said, putting the paper down at last. "Make it fast, because you're getting on my nerves."

Gojou sighed reproachfully. "You're so cold to me. Won't give your biggest fan the time of day." He gave Sanzou a melting look. "I was passing the temple and thought I'd drop in on you. A friendly visit. Just to stay close."

"You've been 'dropping in' five times a week for two weeks now. You're a fucking nuisance and I don't feel friendly about you at all. If there's something you want from me, say it and stop farting around."

"I don't want anything," Gojou said, settling his lanky frame into the other chair and grinning across at Sanzou. The newly cropped hair made his smile look wider: irritatingly so. "Just to see what my favorite blond is up to today."

"He's busy. So you can go get lost, skirt-chaser."

"Am I? Guess so. Skirts like those," Gojou said, nodding towards Sanzou's robe. "Hey, you wear anything under that? Isn't it cold in the winter with the drafts getting at your wedding tackle?" He grinned wider. "Or is there some secret Buddhist art to keep it warm, like sticking it into someone's butt? Funny, I don't see the chimp standing still for that, myself. Though I guess 'stand' isn't the word, right? Bend, maybe?"

Sanzou looked at the asshole in silence. Gojou went on smiling, waiting for the explosion. Sanzou got to his feet. Gojou's eyes danced but his shoulders rose minutely to fend off the attack he thought was coming. The fool. Sanzou untied the black belt where it held his robe up at his waist. The white silk slid to the floor with a sigh.

"Ohh, jeans," Gojou started to say in mock disappointment, but Sanzou was already undoing the button of his Levis. He unzipped his fly and peeled the jeans off him. Gojou gave a startled gulp. Sanzou removed his tabi. He hooked his thumbs into the side of his briefs, took them off and threw them away. Then he straightened up and stood in front of the goggling Gojou, wearing only the thin leather cuirass and his black leather gloves.

"There was a woman, Eshun, who studied with the master Bankei, along with his male disciples," Sanzou told him. "One of them fell in love with her and sent her a message, asking her to meet him in secret. The next day, when the Master had finished the morning's lecture, Eshun stood up in the middle of the disciples and turned to the man who'd written to her. 'If you love me so much,' she said, 'come screw me here and now.'"

Gojou's eyes darted right and left, about the level of Sanzou's chest. A nice safe section to focus on. Anything above or below that would disconcert him completely.

"Well?" Sanzou asked, taking a step forward so he was right in front of the idiot's red eyes. Gojou had to look up or be face-to-face with Sanzou's cock. "If you want my ass so much, come and take it."

"Who said anything about wanting your ass?" Gojou brazened, up on his masculine high horse.

Sanzou looked pointedly at Gojou's crotch. Gojou closed his legs involuntarily, flushing red as his hair. Then his expression hardened.

"Alright," he said, and stood up. They were bare inches apart. "That's the way you want it, that's what we'll do." He put his hands on Sanzou's shoulders. Masterful, in charge. My oh my, such a manly man. Pulled Sanzou closer for a kiss and got Sanzou's forearm across his mouth.


"Don't flatter yourself, brainless. I use that for stuff. You're not dirtying it up. You can have the other hole."

He shrugged Gojou off and turned away from him. Put his hands on the back of his chair and bent, arching his spine. He heard Gojou's breath heavy behind him, felt the red waves of Gojou's anger. He waited.

"No," Gojou said at last in a thick voice, as though he were having trouble talking. He took a deep breath. "It's not good enough. I deserve better than that."

Ohh-hoh. Maybe something there after all. "You think," Sanzou sneered. "You'll get exactly what a letch like you deserves- a shit-hole to stick it in and that's it."

"What the hell d'you want, namabouzu?" Gojou said in rage. "Flowers? Pretty speeches? I can do those, sure." His voice became honey, heavy with innuendo. "'Ohh Sanzou-sama, aren't you just the cutest little monkie-pie, hm? Such a lovely little mouth, specially when it's cursing me out. Such a sweet little temper, specially when it's got you in a snit. Such a gorgeous little ass, specially when you're trying to drive me crazy with it.'" Gojou's hands grabbed Sanzou's buttocks, making to squeeze. Stopped suddenly, then stroked across Sanzou's skin in an oddly hesitant way. When Gojou spoke again there was a tremor in his voice. "'You ever let anybody inside? No? Must be lonesome, huh--'" He paused briefly. "'--nobody in there keeping you-- warm-- Oh shit." He stopped. His hand vanished. Sanzou waited.

"Sanzou." He sounded like he had a hand over his face.


"I wanna fuck you."

"That's better," Sanzou said. "You could have started with that." He turned around. Jerked his head at the door to his left. "Bed's that way."

Gojou sighed, following after him. "Can I kiss you now?"

"Nope. I don't do that."

"Why not??"

"I like to keep my mouth clean."

"Then what's the difference?" Gojou sounded affronted.

Sanzou snorted. "I'll lie on my back for you. Not something I do for everyone."

"You're too fucking kind."

"That's the best you get. Take it or leave it," Sanzou said.

"Stinking boe-zew," Gojou groaned. "I'll take it."