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Stories: Main series
--My chef d'oeuvre, evidently. Translated into Chinese, Russian, Thai and I forget what all. And totally gen, which is a come-down for a yaoi writer.
Tea with the White Dragon
--Early story, wrong in certain details, still a favorite of mine
Voice in the Night
--Possibly the only non-yaoi Gojou and Hakkai in a bed story I've ever written
--Two considerations of youkai Hakkai
Grey Days
--non-yaoi Hakkai-in-a-bed story.
Master Sanzou's Lessons in the Back Garden: Sincerity
Master Sanzou's Lessons in the Back Garden: The Face You Had
--Sanzou and Zen. Hoo-hah.
--'Thursday' of the Magritte fic challenge
The Sanzou that Walked by Himself
--A pastiche of Rudyard Kipling's The Cat that Walked by Himself which you should read if you haven't already. Or read again.
--Feel-good fluff

Stories: Gaiden
--Goujun, after
Back Then
--Gaiden speculation
--Gaiden speculation.
The Secret Agent
The Dubious Guest
The Fire's Heart
--all three above are part of Incandescens' Gaiden with a Difference world
Goujun short
--ever wondered about Goujun's outfit?
The Lady or the Tiger
--Tenpou drabble
--Goujun says good-bye
Leave of Absence
--so if Goujun *doesn't* die but he *is* Hakuryuu, how does it happen? The way it did in the novel, obviously
...or the leopard his spots
--reflections on a certain aspect of dragon physiology
--Birthday fic for i_am_zan


Animal Pleasure
--Retelling of Kuonsho's Animal Pleasure doujinshi
--By an unknown author, or unknown to me at any rate. Possibly called Rangatsu. Possibly not. Doku pov.
Wormwood, by Mebae
--Also on ff.net. Post-Gaiden pre-main series story of Tenpou's adventures.

Scans etc

These are mostly the various Gaiden chapters since tankoubon 1. They've now appeared in tankoubon but probably won't be released in translation for several years. When they are, natch, they'll disappear from here.

Translations of the GFantasy episodes (chs.9-15) and first Zero Sum ep (16?) are here. Translations of thelast two Zero Sum eps (chs.17 & 18) are here and here.

Chapter 11
Kenren's first encounter with Tenpou

Chapter 12
Kenren's first encounter with Litouten

Chapter 13- Shumi
Little character piece

Chapter 13
Contains flashback to Kenren's first day in Tenpou's service and brings the action back to the present

Chapter 14
last ep to run in GFantasy. There is a short text summary of the action here

Chapter 15b (=16?)
Either a mistake in the numbering or a continuation of the earlier story, this chapter ran in ZeroSum Nov '02. Random scans only.

Preview Gaiden scans
from ZeroSum July '02

Homura Side Story
Homura's only appearance in manga form

Wild Adapter drabble

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