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Saiyuki Gaiden: Goujun
--Goujun, after
--Gaiden speculation.
Goujun short
--ever wondered about Goujun's outfit?
--Goujun says good-bye
Leave of Absence
--so if Goujun *doesn't* die but he *is* Hakuryuu, how does it happen? The way it did in the original, obviously
...or the leopard his spots
--reflections on a certain aspect of dragon physiology
--birthday fic for i_am_zan
Goujun drabble
Half remembered names and faces
--Goujun under the cherry blossoms
Here is no water but only rock
--Goujun in his element

Dragon Domestic Practices
Note that dragon domestic practices involve incest and what would be underage sex if they weren't dragons

Young Goukou
The Visit Home
--Goujun spends a weekend at the Western Ocean
Dragon Dilemmas
--a look at female dragons and the politics of breeding

Gaiden Dragon A/U
Many Meetings
--first in the dragon cycle, part of Incandescens' Gaiden with a Difference world. Contains dubcon.
--sequel to Many Meetings. Contains disturbing material.
The Fire's Heart
--Goujun and his brother
Rivers and Oceans
--following on Goujun's death in Incandescens' version. Contains disturbing material.
Heaven and Earth
--sequel to Rivers. Possibly disturbing material.
Heaven and Earth 2
--sequel to Heaven. Possibly disturbing material.
The Funeral
--Goujun's funeral
--later that night, after The Funeral
Questing for Dragons
--some time after Goujun's death, in which Gouen goes looking for his brother's new incarnation
Fretted Waters
--after Questing, Gouen visits Shanten to trade poems and find answers
Gaiden and dragon drabbles
'dying is what, to live, each has to do'
--31_days prompt, Gaiden short: Konzen
'did you find enlightenment in the Western Paradise?'
--31_days prompt, Gaiden short: Goujun

Sequence: Goukou Has A Problem
Goukou's problem begins shortly after Goujun's death in Heaven and Earth 2, and continues through:
and The Festival where we may hope it ends
The Lord of the Skies
--Or have an A/U conclusion instead, with A/U incest

The Pipang Stories
Pipang (The Sage of Tsaomei'kang)
--happens several years after Goujun's death
The Visit
--sequel to Pipang
The Waning Moon
--some months after The Visit
--a year or so after Pipang

100 Night-roaming Demons/ Cortège des Cent Démons
A House of One's Own
--mild Aoarashi squickfic
"Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind"
--mild Kai yaoi; spoilers for vol 9 action
"To think that two and two are four"
--Kai gen; mild spoilers for vol 9 and beyond
Fever Dream
--mild Aoarashi yaoi
Spring Dream
Moon Princess
--err, ditto: in an A/U setting
--gen speculation
Un Dragon dans la Famille
--translation of flo_nelja's 100 Demons fic in French; mild yaoi
Children of the Storm
--based on a friend's dream; gen, with only occasional appearances by the Iijimas
The Bird of Dawning
--Christmas themed
'Fifteen apparitions have I seen/ The worst a coat upon a coathanger'
--Perfectly gen, Ritsu, Akira, various canon charas and a couple of original ones. Sadly, no Aoarash

Woxinchangdan Stories

Meeting at Night
--Onmyouji fic: based on the Yumemakura novels, not the manga or movies
Barley Rain
--Onmyouji crossover. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what with. Really.
All That I Wanted Then
--For the 'Seimei's Garden' challenge at the Onmyoujium lj community

"Sleeping in Gaul, drinking the Styx"
--Discworld/ Woxin crossover
Discworld short, Vimes and Vetinari
'generations of poison, centuries of poison'
--31_days prompt, Vetinari
Lost Images, Vanished Texts
--Rainy Willow Store/ original; included in the 2004 Yaoicon anthology
The Constellations Shen and Shang
--Rainy Willow Store, about my collection of mudmen
The Ghost Lover
--Kou Josei series by Fujita Atsuko
--Seven Samurai fic, post film. The Swordsman x The Kid, basically.
Afterwards --EC vol 2 fic
--Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi fic

Saiyuki Main series
Four quarters
--A Midsummer's Night's Dream set in Saiyuki-land. The Sanzou ikkou and the Kougaiji-tachi are wandering about the same woods. What would you expect to happen?
--Very early meditation on Gojou's pov
--Kougaiji, Dokugaku, and some ghosts
The Magritte Fic Challenge
--How Hakkai Got His Limiters: six explanations, some of them clean
'Though I Danced with the Dolls in the Doll's House'
--inspired by early reports of Requiem; unfinished and not yaoi
--My Sept 11 story; 58
Mikawari (substitute)
--More 58
The Woods
--Yet more 58.
Endless Rain
--dj retelling, Kuga Reine's Endless Rain. 58
--5*3* and 58, for a change
Sweet Pain
--dj retelling, Shinohara Tomoru's Sweet Pain. 85, since you've all wanted it
Night Roads
--not 58
Rest Stop
--first Saiyuki fic ever, very embarrassing to me personally. Same pairing as Night Roads.
Master Sanzou's Lessons in the Back Garden: 'If you meet the Buddha on the road'
--the 93 you've all been waiting for. Follows Master Sanzou 1 and 2
Sex Lies and Lays
--about a grammar point. Really.
--inspired by the random drabble generator

Stories: Second Season
Down Here
Down Here 2

Saiyuki Gaiden

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